How technology is changing the way we buy and sell our homes

Over the past few decades, technology has infiltrated every aspect of our lives. From socialising to navigating and photography to games, we now turn to our phones, tablets and computers for pretty much everything.   

The same is true with it comes to buying and selling property. The vast majority of Brits now use online portals, with more and more turning to online estate agents to manage their transactions. Technology is also being used in other areas of buying and selling, with virtual reality, apps and other tech now being used to enhance the buying process and get customers through the door.   

Online searches   

According to figures published in The Telegraph, a huge 98% of Brits now start their search for a new home online. Most use digital shop windows to look for homes available in their search zone and to see how far their money can stretch. This can be a great way for buyers to narrow down exactly what it is they’re looking for and to get an idea of what their budget will buy 

These digital portals can also be a useful resource for sellers. Taking a look at the properties for sale in their local area can help people to get an idea of what their home is worth. It can also show the style of property that’s most popular in an area and give an indication of who their target market might be.   

Street view  

Once upon a time, buyers had to wait until they arrived at a property to find out if they liked the street and the setting. These days however, house hunters can simply use Google Street View to stroll up and down their prospective new road and explore the neighbourhood. While you can never really tell what an area is like from a screen, this can give buyers a good indication of what their new home would be like.  

Virtual reality  

Buyers can take things one step further by using virtual reality to explore their potential property. While this isn’t yet widely available, virtual reality tours are set to become more common in the coming years. These tours are a convenient and environmentally friendly way for house hunters to view properties. Cutting out the need for travel, and saving buyers a considerable amount of time, virtual reality tours could transform the way we search for homes.  


More and more estate agents are creating their own property hunting apps. These apps make it easier for sellers to list their homes and for buyers to search for potential properties. Many of these apps are connected to social media, allowing buyers and sellers to quickly and easily share properties with friends and family.  

If you’re thinking about selling your home, or if you want to buy a new property, we can help. Get in touch with a member of our team to find out more.