Take a look over some of the most frequently asked questions we get below.
How quickly will my listing be on all the property websites?

Once approved by your dedicated agent, your listing will be published on Rightmove, Zoopla and many other websites within 24 hours.

What is an energy performance certificate (EPC)?

EPC’s tell you how energy-efficient your home could be if improvements are made, and highlights cost-effective ways to achieve a better rating. Even if you rent your home, some improvements noted on the EPC may be worth implementing, such as switching to more energy-efficient light bulbs. EPCs are valid for 10 years from when issued.

Do I need an EPC to sell my property?

Yes, EPC’s are a legal requirement when selling a home, but they are valid for 10 years from when issued so you may already have a valid EPC. However, if you have carried out any works to your property which have impacted its energy efficiency, we would recommend you update your EPC.

My property is already on the market with an Estate Agent. Can I still instruct Elsewhere?

All Estate Agent contracts are different so our advice would be to fully check the terms you have signed. We would never market your property if we felt you would breach any existing terms, so if you are unsure about your current contract please call us.

How do I book a free valuation?

By calling one of our agents on our local number or you can book your no obligation valuation directly here.

Do you hold my credit card or debit card details?

No, never!

Can I see all of my viewings, feedback and offers?

Everything is easily accessible. We will automatically seek feedback from anyone who has viewed your property and you will be the first person to receive the feedback.

What area do you operate in?

We are based in Windsor and cover all of the SL postcode areas. We are also able to cover the majority of surrounding areas. Contact us to enquire further.

Will I be dealing with a real person?

Always! You will have one point of contact from the day you instruct us, to the day you move out.

How well do you know my area?

Not only have we got years of experience working in your area, we are residents (and possibly neighbours) too! We rely on our local knowledge to best advise you on the correct marketing price for your property – though the asking price you set is entirely down to you.

Will you conduct viewings for me?

Yes! Unlimited accompanied viewings are included in our service.

Are you independently owned?

Yes! We are 100% independently owned with no corporate ties whatsoever.

How long will you market my home for?

We endeavour to find you a suitable buyer as quickly as possible and we will market your home until its changes ownership.

Am I restricted to sole agency terms?

No. Unlike most agents, we do not restrict you to sole agency terms. Instead of forcing you to remain loyal, we prefer to earn your loyalty by working hard to sell your home for the best possible price. When you instruct us, you are free to work with as many agents as you like.

Note: Marketing your property on sole agency terms helps agent’s to obtain a better understanding of how the market is reacting to your property as they receive 100% of any leads. By instructing additional agents it becomes harder to monitor how well your property is being portrayed to potential buyers.

What are your multiple agency fees?

This can vary depending on a number of factors. Contact us to enquire further.

Can I add products to my package at a later date?

Yes, absolutely.

How Much Could You Save?

On average, we save customers £4,102 when they choose to sell with us over a local High Street agent. Use our handy commission calculator to see how much we could save you!

Figures based on House Price Index 2018 for average selling price in South East with Industry Eye Average High Street commission vs our up front fee.

Selling Price
Estate Agent Fee (Commission)
Total Saving
Estate Agent Fees
Our Fixed Fee